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Swish Travel and tours is a Zimbabwe owned Car rental and Tour Operating company operating based in Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. We strive to make exceptional service delivery a top priority to all our clients. 


Our team of highly trained, qualified and experienced personnel are always ready to provide their expertise to our varying type of clientele. Services we offer include car hire on both self drive and chauffeur driven basis, bus hire, airport shuttles for both individuals and groups, organising safaris/holiday packages to destinations around Zimbabwe.

Matopos Wildlife

We offer convenient vehicle hire service. Our range Include sedan, 4×4 Double Cabs, SUV’s these can be offered on self drive or chauffeur driven basis. Our fleet also consists of 22 Seater buses, these are offered strictly on chauffeur driven basis, we provide excellent drive who are very friendly and ready to assist.

9seater Cruiser 2 Front

Our buses are ready to take to places in and around Zimbabwe, we also do airport, staff shuttles, wedding shuttles, hire for funerals.


Adventure Awaits


Inyanga tour


Known for being to the tallest mountain in Zimbabwe. There is a vast rich history which include are remnants of early settlers, stories of Cecil Rhodes who left part of his legacy in Nyanga. Nyanga is also famous for trout fishing.

Falls Green season


A phenomenal natural wonder which is one for the World’s 7 Natural Wonders, located on the Zambezi River which borders Zimbabwe and Zambia. It host a wide array of activities, the rainforest, and cultural exchange spot



A medieval city which homes a massive stone enclosure from Zimbabwe derives its name from. The Great Zimbabwe is a declared UNESCO world heritage site. Archeologists are so fascinated with the great work of masonry with the question being who they still stand without any mortar.



Zimbabwe’s oldest park and a World heritage site, the granite boulder formed over 2 billion years ago give the park a scenic view. The park is also home to Cecil John Rhodes grave, evidence of earlier settlers are evident through the Bushman paintings.



Zimbabwe’s largest national park of Zimbabwe and home to the Big 5. The park has a great diversity of wildlife, bird species. The standard of professional guiding in Zimbabwe is very high. The park has largest elephant population in the country.

Mana Elephant

mana pools

A perfect destination for Safari enthusiasts. Regarded as one of the best safari destination in Zimbabwe. The park offers best walking safari experiences because of the broad plains. Canoeing on the croc Infested Zambezi river is a to do activity.